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Universal encoder system U-ONE®-Compact

With our U-ONE®-Compact UOC 40 and U-ONE®-SAFETY-Compact USC 42 (SIL 2 / PL d) we at Johannes Hübner Giessen have developed a universal encoder system that not only reduces costs, but also implements useful additional functions at the same time. Thanks to the compact combination of different electronic function modules there is now no need for the otherwise usual array of additional mechanical components such as distribution gears, couplings and speed step-up gearing.

  • Simultaneously monitoring of position and speed with only one device
  • Easy to install, configure parameters an adjust with preset
  • Reduces costs – increases accuracy
  • Optional real-time data interfaces
  • Highest levels of availability in extreme operating conditions

Modularly extendable the system provides numerous options with up to 15 integrated relay outputs. Precisely the right solution incorporating the necessary functions guarantees economic cost effectiveness thanks to low overall operating costs (TCO Total Cost of Ownership).

Software USC42 (ZIP, 80.48 MB)

Operating and Assembly Instructions U-ONE COMPACT (PDF, 1.58 MB)
Catalog - U-ONE-SAFETY (PDF, 1.7 MB)
Inquiry form - U-ONE-SAFETY-Compact (PDF, 263 KB)
Diameter solid shaft 14 mm
Supply voltage 13 - 27 VDC
Resolution multiturn 15 bit
Resolution singleturn 13 bit
Degree of protection IP66
Possible signal outputs Incremental, 4 ... 20 mA, PROFIBUS, PROFINET; | USC 42: PROFIsafe on PROFIBUS, PROFIsafe on PROFINET; | other interfaces on request
Possible switching outputs Speed switch, position switch, error switch; | other switching functions on request
Weight approx. 3,6 kg + 0,8 kg/module
Special features USC 42: Integrated dual channel architecture with internal cross-checking; | for applications up to safety category 3 and PL d to DIN EN ISO 13849 as well as SIL 2 to DIN EN 61508.

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