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  • Johannes Hübner Giessen FGH 6 hollow shaft up to Ø 50 mm

Johannes Hübner Giessen FGH 6 hollow shaft up to Ø 50 mm

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Optical hollow shaft encoder with up to 50 millimeter bore

The optical hollow shaft encoder FGH 6 is supplied with a large hollow shaft bore up to 50 millimeters in size. The stable, ribbed cast aluminium design and the flat style of construction ensure the encoder is particularly suitable for fitting other devices such as speed switches and absolute encoders or combinations of both. The device is available with radial shaft seals and high protection class rating up to IP56 (IP66) for use in permanently oily/wet environments. The precision nickel pulse disk offers up to 4096 pulses; the electronics are integrated in the encoder or rather the replaceable scanning head. A redundant version is available with two identical scanning and evaluation electronics. The encoder is insensitive to the effects of mechanical stress factors such as vibration, axial bearing play and thermal expansion.

Operating and Assembly Instructions FGH 6
Catalog - Incremental hollow shaft encoders FGH 6
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Diameter hollow shaft up to 50 mm
Supply voltage 12 - 30 VDC
Signal amplitude HTL or TTL
Standard pulse rates 1000, 1024, 1200, 2000, 2048, 2400, 2500
Output signals 0° channel
Maximum frequency 100 kHz
Device temperature range -25 °C to +85 °C
Degree of protection up to IP66
Weight approx. 6 kg
Option 90 Second pulse channel as basic channel, however, electrically phase shifted by 90°
Option 2F Twice as many pulses as basic channel by combining the 0° and 90° channels
Option N/N2 Mechanically fixed reference pulse (N), one square pulse per revolution, with inverted signal
Option B Rapid direction of rotation sensing at each edge of 0° and 90° channels
Option G Additional inverted output signals for basic channel, 90° channel, reference pulse including LED check
Option B2 Rapid direction of rotation sensing at each edge of 0° and 90° channels; additional standstill detection
Option S Electronic overspeed switch with two mutually independent, programmable switching points
Option V Electronic doubling of basic channel pulse and the 90° channel through multiple evaluation
Option FOC As an alternative to conventional signal transmissions via copper cables it is also possible to transmit encoder signals via fiber optic cables
Option L2 150 mA power output for basic channel, 90° channel and the corresponding inverted signals
Option J Optically adjusted pulse disk to reduce rotational frequency modulation

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